As mother and a teacher, I know how important it is to find easy and inspiring ways to develop children’s literacy. It is so important to protect children’s developing sense of self.

A child’s self-concept as a learner can become quite fixed around the age of 7. Therefore, it is crucial, for all of us working with developing readers to provide a wealth of learning strategies to suit every type of learner.


My name is Katie and I passionately believe every child can learn beyond what is expected of them.

We all process in different ways, and learn in different ways. The process of learning to read is no different.

In my last role in school, I developed a Literacy workshop with my wonderful colleagues, Toni Lawson and Jo Coe. This workshop was designed for all dyslexic children in Key Stage 3 and facilitated intuitive strategies to boost memory and processing patterns.

During my MA in Special and Inclusive Education, I developed the workshops for parents. I used my research to further my exploration into unique and innovative processing patterns. I found this really helped children who are struggling to read.

It has been, and still is, a wonderful journey. BERA (British Educational Research Association) have recently published my research article on-line on phonics, reading and self-concept. 

I learn as much from the children I work with as they learn from me.