A5 Alphabeast reading cards


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Happy readers make fluent readers

These 12 beasts will change the way your child feels about reading. 

How? The Alphabeasts support:

  • young readers with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies find innovative strategies that REALLY work;
  • young reader’s individual way of processing and remembering;
  • all young readers by helping them remember tricky rules, like silent letters and digraphs in a fun and memorable way.

Why? The Alphabeasts:

  • are child-centred;
  • are grounded within recent reading research;
  • encourage independence;
  • develop self-confidence and creativity;
  • create genuinely happy and successful reading experiences;
  • accelerate reading progress by developing fluency.

‘What are some of strategies my child will learn?’

  • pecking up words like the American Woodpecker;
  • learning how to use dyslexic-friendly multi-sensory strategies like the Platypus;
  • stretching out sounds like our Spider-Monkey stretches through tress;
  • scanning for clues in the text and the pictures, like the Eagle searches for prey;
  • spotting silent letters, like the stealthy silent Pangolin…and many more!

Children love to become the animal and adopt their super-powers! With more super-strategies to use, reading fluency is achieved much quicker.

The Alpha beasts’ strategies are based upon my own  research into young children’s experience of reading, which has recently been published on-line by the British Educational Research Association.

The cards are:

  • sequenced in 3 developmental stages;
  • created from hand-drawn and hand-painted pictures;
  • durable A5, matt-finished card.


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