My story...

I believe children’s sense of self is inextricable from their view of themselves as readers.

I work to inspire change, empower parents and promote inclusive literacy techniques.

As a secondary English teacher, I developed a Literacy workshop for all dyslexic children in Key Stage 3. The workshop facilitated intuitive strategies to boost memory. I found we could significantly boost spelling and reading by developing memory strategies. This profoundly boosted self esteem. 

After 15 years of teaching, in 2017 I left to study for my MA in Special and Inclusive Education full-time. During my MA,  I developed these workshops, for parents; I used my research to further my exploration into unique and innovative processing patterns.

The Love of Literacy was born…research and evidence-based strategies to promote literacy development and nurture children’s developing sense of self.

BERA (British Educational Research Association) have recently published two of my research articles:  phonics, reading and self-concept and ‘Developing readers, developing self’.  I learn as much from the children I work with as they learn from me. My workshops for schools and parents change the way children see themselves and put the love back into literacy development.

Through my research, I created The Alphabeasts – twelve beautiful creatures designed to offer different reading strategies. These innovative cards (and book) can be purchased here.

I look forward to chatting with you or meeting you soon at my latest workshop or talk!