Alphabeasts have really worked for me because they have helped me to spell better and read better and now I’m also the master at spellings. Thank you!

Grace Skellern

Age 10

Love, love, love the Alphabeasts! Our favourite at the moment is the Pangolin! My son struggles with digraphs and split digraphs – the pangolin explains spellings perfectly!

Libby Ward Fincham


Having amazing success now, he loves it now the animals are involved. He reads to them and calls out who needs to help him – it’s brilliant! We watched a documentary on Honey-badgers Sunday just to add to his made-up personality for each animal – it’s great!

I totally underestimated his scope and depth of imagination and creativity until you introduced us to this method – love it!

Lyanne Treadgold


Katie warmly welcomes you to the world of the Alphabeasts

Watch these three short videos to enter the world of the Alphabeasts! Quickly and simply see how you can use them.

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Alphabeasts: here to transform reading...

The 12 Alphabeasts are here to revolutionise your child’s reading experiences and progress.

As children learn about each beast’s unique super-power, they understand new and creative strategies that  develop reading progress.

Let the silent Pangolin, help your child learn all those tricky words with silent letters. Let the speedy but graceful Pronghorn Antelope, teach your child about fluency. 

Paw by paw, the Alphabeasts help children use a wide range of reading strategies in a memorable and fun way. They even show us how tricky ‘rules’ need not be so confusing! Check out the Mimic Octopus below for a brilliant example of this. Suitable for ages 5-11 years, at every stage.

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Team work is dream work!

My research into children’s experience of learning to read highlighted how important is is to give children access to as many strategies as possible when they are learning to read.

I want to see all children, happily choosing the strategy that works for them. When a strategy works, children’s sense of self blossoms and the reading cycle is positive – they read more and they read happily.

So I teamed up with two fantastic visual artists, Tom Webborn and Coral Jackson, to create the Alphabeasts: research-based reading strategy cards based upon the super-powers of unusual animals.

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