Research has highlighted the intense emotionality reading holds for young children. As a parent or teacher, you will know this, you will feel this. I created Love of Literacy and The Alphabeasts to provide support for parents and schools – to help your children’s literacy blossom and nurture their belief in themselves.

Whether you are here to book a parent and child workshop; one-to-one teaching sessions for your child; training for your school, or just looking for some inspiration to help your child at home, have a read about the beauty of Creative and multi-sensory learning and how it opens up new pathways in our brains.. don’t hesitate to drop me a line to see how we can work together to make reading fun.

The internal world of the young reader is a precious and complex place. Let’s fill it with love..

Katie is amazing; she is so passionate in all aspects of her teaching. I have attended her workshops which were both informative and fun and now my 9 year old daughter enjoys her 1:1 sessions with her. Her approach is so creative and engaging which has helped my daughter’s reading significantly. She loves her sessions with Katy and as a result has started to enjoy reading – and now wants to pick up a book. Highly recommend.

Lisa Wood

Primary Teacher

Although we don’t live in the same city, Katie was able to do a workshop for us as a family which has really helped to inspire us to find new ways to overcome the reading and writing challenges posed by dyslexia, dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder, and also to finally experience the joy that comes from tapping into ways of learning that appeal to the gifts that come with these learning differences. It gave us our confidence back as a learner and a parent and masses of new understanding and positivity.

Penny Alexander

Children's Author

Katie is phenomenal! Today my son spelled words he’s struggled with for a long time. In just one session my son has been taught strategies using his strengths and ‘super powers’ in order for him to read and spell confidently. I honestly couldn’t recommend Katie enough! We can’t wait for our next session.

Libby Ward Fincham


Multi-sensory and kinaesthetic processing

Using as many senses as possible to create pathways and connections in your brain.


Using your muscle memory to learn to read and write through using physical actions: your muscles store more memory than your brain.

Visual processing

Using colour, patterns, images, sequences to shape the word and imprint upon your memory.


Auditory processing

Using your awareness of sound to hear all the parts of the word.