Could you look into those eyes and tell him he's a colour, a band, a number?

I can’t.

What is the nub of truth that keeps me going, the why behind my business and passion? The why behind Love of Literacy is my heart felt belief that children start to see themselves, measure themselves, through the way they feel about themselves as readers. Literacy is part of how we not only see the world, but ourselves too. This means love and compassion for growing and blossoming selves needs to form the basis of teaching literacy to our young ones.

My why is creating care and love around the teaching of literacy. My why is to empower parents and children, to help children see themselves in terms of their super powers. To foster love of difference and love of growth. For the Love.

Developing reading, developing self

Research has highlighted that children take traits from characters they hear/read in books and build them into their own developing selves, unconsciously. Reading – or being read to – makes children GROW. I find that so powerful. It’s the skin upon the bones of my ‘why’. Young children read books, especially picture books, in a way that develops their self and identity.

I want to work to protect this development of self. Especially within the somewhat ‘ability’ constructed landscape that can dominate early reading experiences. Reading experiences are too precious to be colour coded.

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